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The on-demand availability of sales representatives Latest Mailing Database enables quicker and more efficient customer communications than serving customers in most brick and mortar settings; and (2) sales reps have fingertip access to a wide range of product information and are typically better product knowledge experts. With the advent of VoIP (Voice over IP) in a nextgeneration Latest Mailing Database eCommerce site, live chat expands from text exchanges to more personal voice conversations. Text and voice communication also can Latest Mailing Database deepen loyalty and spending by premium customers and can transform intermittent Latest Mailing Database customers into regular customers if both text and voice communications are strategically employed and supported.
o Personalized sales assistance - In addition Latest Mailing Database to being product experts, online sales reps can also become dedicated customer aides. Electronically armed with real-time knowledge Latest Mailing Database of customer identity, profile, and past online and in-store purchases, these sales reps can personalize and enhance the customer's shopping Latest Mailing Database experience. While similar personalization is possible in brick and mortar settings, location and in-person relationships are limiting factors on the number of customers Latest Mailing Database that can receive this personalization. eCommerce does not suffer from these same limitations. This next-generation eCommerce functionality is not free.

Clearly, there are costs to develop, test, and deploy. These costs, we believe, are unavoidable for retailers who are serious about increasing their eCommerce Latest Mailing Database revenues. Equally important, but not always fully considered, are the costs of an eCommerce platform capable of delivering the full impact of this functionality to each and every site visitor. In our view, scrimping on the platform will have serious eCommerce revenue implications. Among the most notable to avoid is creating a platform that results in an Latest Mailing Database uninspired shopper.


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