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These are some of the characteristics of contemporary









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After the second half of the th century photojournalism acquired new aesthetic characteristics narratives and professional standards. The profession evolved along with photography technology and changes in the media. What is photojournalism  Roger Fenton What is photojournalism  Mathew B Brady What is photojournalism  Ernst Brooks contemporary photojournalism photojournalism that Manu Brabo tells us about. Portray facts Photojournalism consists of witnessing a news event and transmitting it through photography to people who are not there.

The photojournalist is an intermediary between the people who live certain situations and the people who are being informed. It is a form of journalism Being a form of journalism it adheres to certain specific aesthetic technical and photo background removing ethical standards. That is first of all the photographs have to provide information. You must have the utmost respect for the people who are being photographed and transmit to the public the message of what they live in an integral way without personal bias.

What is photojournalism  Manu Brabo What is photojournalism  Manu Brabo Its informative The images are intended to inform the public about what is happening in other parts of the world so that they become more critical and perhaps seeing those images will lead them to bring about change. Reality over beauty Although images can be beautiful fascinating and spectacular the photojournalist knows that they must faithfully represent what happens in reality regardless of their personal beliefs.


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