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If our logo is going to be seen on most occasions in certain









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Triadic combination This is a widely used combination, since the blue - green combination is one of the most positive qualities associated with it and with the union of red it gives it the strength that the other colors do not have. At the same time, we achieve harmony but contrast. Tetrad combination: As in the case of the color orange we find the combination of two complementary colors , including blue and yellow . We have been talking about blue in each of the combinations because it is a color very close to green and that creates harmony. On the other hand, yellow , a bright color, has the strength that the combination of the previous colors need.

Analogous combination: in this case we find a combination similar philippines photo editor to if we were talking about the monochrome but creating a little more contrast. We include green-yellowish and green-bluish tones. They are very similar to the monochrome ones but perfect if we want to include other tones that leave aside the qualities of youth that we were talking about.Some time ago we talked about the need for our logo to be responsive , but web design has advanced so much since then, that it was time to make a new article to see how brands adapt their logos to a style that suits all devices. We have said it on numerous occasions, browsing through Smartphones and tablets is increasing to the detriment of computers, so it is absolutely necessary that the web and all the components that surround it are perfectly adapted to them.

We already know the three factors that we have to take into account when we design a logo: name, color and typography. So today we are going to go one step further and talk about its design. We can design our logo as we want (although we can always make a recommendation so that it follows the trends ). But we must be very clear about how and where it is going to be displayed. dimensions, its design must be adapted to these. But, let's see some tips! Complex vs Simple It is true that flat is a trend , but that is not why we should talk about it being a subjective aesthetic. Behind it is a great truth: The more complex our logo is, the more difficult it will be to remember. As simple as that.


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