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A simple convenient way to create soft light is with a china ball. It’s basically a paper ball wrapped around an incandescent bulb. A clamp light or work light will provide a lot of light, but will also be harsh. You can solve this by hanging a thin, white sheet in front of it. If you are shooting in a place with windows, this can serve as a light, too. Just make sure you’re filming at a time of day when the sun is not directly shining in the windows while you film.  will help you figure that out. Software For custom video production, check out Apple’s Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere and After Effects.

These are usually purchased on a subscription model, but you image manipulation service can also find free open source editing software as well. If custom video is beyond your capabilities, there are plenty of options for cheap or free templates. Your explainer video may not end up especially original, but software like this gets the job done in a pinch. PowToon is helpful for easy and fast animation, and it includes a stock library and a simple drag and drop interface. Vyond has more options than Powtoon, but may require you to learn more. RawShorts has options for whiteboard animations.

Finally Adobe Spark has templates specifically designed for explainer videos. Beyond all of these, there are many more options online, and it is up to you to do your homework. Keep in mind that hiring a video producer often negates the cost of software since they will have their own. Step Light the scene — You’ve found the location you’re going to say. Now it’s time to light the scene. three point lighting via Wikimedia The most versatile and useful form of lighting (for a single subject who’s not moving) is Three Point Lighting.


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