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Designers animators illustrators and artists from around the world have once again shown their love for typography and design . To see the full alphabet and get inspired by these  amazing projects you can click on the title in red . Hiromu Oka  otpotopi  It is the second time that this Japanese designer has participated in the challenge and now he has done it with a totally different style. Hiromu who was nominated for The Motion Awards   experiments with textures and colors. For each letter he presents several options but also includes an animation thus creating a more dynamic and rhythmic alphabet. La letra A de Hiromu Oka.

Victor Sanabria  victorsanabria  The designer and animator does not hide his inspiration from the avantgarde artist Piet Mondrian. Sanabrias lyrics breathe the same essence as the painter of the little squares as Mondrian was known. In his alphabet the geometries and chromatic purity stand out. As he tells on his website he has been photo background removing participating in the  Days of Type since . And he adds I use the initiative to explore typography and the expressive possibilities of our alphanumeric characters. The letter G for Victor Sanabria. Farzan Dalal  dalalfarzan  Although paper is one of his favorite materials to create with the artist has chosen for this challenge to work painstakingly with handcut steampressed flower petal scraps.

In parallel he is developing The Botanical Design Lab at the University of Edinburgh. It is a project that recycles flower waste using different techniques to create a range of innovative products for art and design.  amazing projects from DaysofType   The letter H for Farzan Dalal. Ione Parsons ioneparsons The letter Q of Ione has been especially liked in the profile of  Days of Type .  the technique that she has worked on throughout the challenge . If she shows anything it is that it is a very versatile and manipulable material. Ione is able to recreate even the smallest details of the fox which is called Quarantina.  amazing projects from DaysofType The letter Q for Ione Parsons has triumphed in the challenge.


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