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This connector is installed mainly on expensive









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Thus the main task of the camera buyer is to make sure that his computer and the camera being purchased have compatible ports or in the most extreme case there are adapter adapters that allow this compatibility to be achieved. The most efficient and fastest of the existing types of ports is Firewire aka IEEE   and experts predict the most cloudless future for this particular connection professional cameras but gradually captures more democratic models of devices. The data transfer rate on such a port is up to  megabits per second and the new version of IEEE b has up to  megabits True while this latest version of the port is not supported by any cameras.

The most popular and common type of connection e-commerce photo editing is still the USB port  it is now equipped with the vast majority of computers and cameras. This port is used as a standard for connecting a wide variety of peripherals to a computer and therefore there are usually no difficulties with it. Data is transmitted through this port at a rate of  megabits per second. Some cameras also come with a USB . port the throughput of which is as much as  times higher than the previous one  up to  megabits per second. The presence of less convenient ports on the camera  serial and others  can hardly be considered a serious advantage now unless you have a very old computer.

However this assumption contradicts our basic assumption you seem to want to buy a digital camera right And at the same time do you really want to process the captured images on some antique equipment. A digital camera is a very energy intensive thing. The flash alone is capable of quickly draining dry a set of standard .volt fingertype batteries which are supposed to be standard batteries for a significant number of consumergrade cameras. Sure these batteries are cheap and readily available but imagine having to change them more often the more you shoot. In some models they are only enough for one and a half to two dozen shots.


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