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Perfect for specific phrases as in this case, or to highlight a word within a typographic sheet.  This very tropical range of colors will take us to those paradisiacal islands, to those who at least still have a few weeks of work left. Can't you imagine under a palm tree sunbathing? The contrast of green and yellow is interesting , which in addition to backgrounds, we can use for texts in which we can make contrasts between light and dark colors . We are combining analogous colors. range-tropical-colors Sunn Typography + Kiwi Color Range Surely it reminds many of you of the Google Font, Amatic, but if you check it, Sunn's stroke is somewhat firmer without losing the creativity of being a hand-styled font.

It also has an air of Silo Creativo ! typography-download-free philippines photo editor Download free Summ font I like this range of colors, because it is almost monochromatic with green, but the detail of brown is included , which gives it strength and which, in the design, can be its turning point.Because of this, thinking the other day, I realized that the time had come to make a color infographic . An infographic in which we summarize the most important thing we have learned about color , what we must always remember and that if we are clear, there will be no logo , brand or design that will resist us.

Study of colors If we have been able to learn anything about the population's taste for colors, it is that they depend little on location and sex . As we can see, in our favorite and least appreciated color, it is something that men and women quite agree on. But it can't surprise us either, the qualities they transmit is what makes us like it or not like it and this does not depend on sex, although it does depend more on age. As we have already seen, with the exception of blue , the favorite color of humanity and that does not understand age, the taste for most colors does depend on age. It's very easy, when we're young we don't look for the same thing as when we grow up , so feelings change.

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