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The desire to make sure of the reliability of the company. Paradoxically the live voice on the other end of the phone is a trust factor. Maybe thats why sites without a phone number have a lower conversion rate. The probability that your order will not be seen or forgotten is much lower after communicating with the manager and ordering by phone. Check availability current price and delivery conditions. It is over the phone that you can get a specific offer with an individual calculation of the cost. Sometimes this possibility is also provided on the website but it is difficult to automate the final calculation without telephone negotiations. So it turns out that the company advertises the buyer goes to the site for it and calls. Call tracking helps determine how effective an ad.

This was discussed in more detail in the article jewelry retouch service what is call tracking. Now lets list the topics for which call tracking is most often used. Do you want to improve the effectiveness of advertising and sales ringostat will show how to optimize campaigns and how your sales managers work try it for free real estate no apartment has yet been bought with one click of the mouse. Buyers are calling and you are unlikely to find the add to cart button on the websites of housing estates. This is to the question of a high check reliability and many characteristics that need to be specified. On the other hand real estate consistently leads in terms of cost per click in contextual advertising. When huge amounts of money are spent on advertising campaigns the question of what works and what wastes the budget is especially acute. Therefore call analytics is a common phenomenon in this field.

What allowed us to conduct research from which advertising channels most often call developers. There is one more point. In real estate every customer call is worth its weight in gold almost literally. Telephony and call tracking will help you monitor how managers handle calls how many of them are missed how quickly they pick up the phone or how polite they are with customers. If we talk about renting housing then call tracking is very appropriate here as well. Ads in this area quickly become outdated or contain false information. Therefore customers want to make sure of everything themselves and call not trusting the information on the website.  at an attractive price place an order wait and an hour later it turns out that it is not available. Or the price is not the same as on the website the color is not the same as in the photo etc.


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