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Paper £20 notes cannot be spent from midnight in Northern Ireland









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Paper £20 notes cannot be spent from midnight in Northern Ireland

Paper £20 notes issued by a number of banks in Northern Ireland will be withdrawn after Friday and can no longer be spent.

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They include Ulster Bank, AIB Group, Bank of Ireland and Danske Bank.

People with a UK bank account will still be able to deposit the notes from October.

The paper banknotes are being replaced with polymer notes which are believed to be more durable and difficult to counterfeit.

In June, the Bank of England estimated that about 314m £20 paper notes remain in circulation in the UK.

Paper £50 notes are also being removed from circulation, the bank added, including those issued by Clydesdale Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland and Bank of Scotland.

The Bank of England said its services, banks and the Post Office will accept and exchange old paper banknotes.

In recent years, paper notes have been gradually replaced by plastic versions.

The polymer notes consist of a thin and flexible plastic film with the design printed on special layers of ink front and back. The new notes are less likely to be damaged by water.

On Friday, images were revealed showing the portrait of King Charles which will feature on 50p coins and a commemorative £5 Crown, designed by sculptor Martin Jennings.

They portray the King facing left, following tradition by portraying him facing in an opposite direction to his predecessor.


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